• Molecular gastronomy by David Faure

    Do you know the new concept in Nice 10 Boulevard Dubouchage? Chef David Faure “Aphrodite” invites you to discover molecular gastronomy. But, what is it? Molecular gastronomy is a sub discipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and  chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. The molecular gastronomy is well known for 3 axes: social, artistic and technical. Molecular cuisine is a modern style of cooking, and takes advantage of many technical innovations from the scientific disciplines.

    In the Aphrodite restaurant, you can eat an inspired and innovative cooking; you can have a great experience! The chief David Faure has prepared for you different menus “The R Menu” where you can stimulate your senses: taste, hearing, sight, smell for 103 euros.

    You have also the « inclinaison des mets », « the vegetarian menu », which are less expensive for 47 euros. Then, you have also the « Découverte » menu which depends of the seasons. The Chief wants the best product for their customers! If you want to go with you family, you can do it! In fact, you have a Kids menu for 27 euros.

    The decor of the store is really relaxing with a vegetal wall and a veranda at the bottom of the restaurant.  David Faure and its team welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday. Aphrodite open from 12H30 to 22H to give you the best experience in your life in term of molecular gastronomy! So let’s do it and post a comment after your experience !


    Molecular gastronomy by David Faure


    Molecular gastronomy by David Faure


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