• The most expensive and amazing restaurant in the world !

    Today I would like to make you discover a unique and revolutionary restaurant. Maybe you have already heard about the “Sublimotion” situated in the island of Ibiza. This amazing restaurant opened in 2012 and has been created by his chief Pablo Roncero. The chief himself describes the restaurant as a “theatre of senses”. 

    When I came to the restaurant I was very surprised by the room. The table is designed only for twelve guests. It is a technological innovation because the table changes of colours, patterns and lights every time a new meal came in. I think I won’t surprise you if I tell you that the food is amazingly delicious.

    But the thing I really appreciated on this restaurant is that it is not only about food, it was like a show of food. It stimulates your five senses thanks to the table. It is very difficult to explain how surprising and interesting it is, I advise you to try it by yourself. After the dinner, you can enjoy a while on the private terrace which is splendid.

    I would say that the negative point is that it is very expensive. It is around 2000 euros for a menu. But I think that the price explains the involvement of the chief and its team (25 professionals to wait on you). You are treated as a special guest. Moreover the experience lasts 3 hours.

    I really advise people to go to this restaurant not only for the food but to live it as an innovative experience of the senses.


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