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    Hello everyone!

    In this post I will present you a new concept I like a lot. Recently, a lot of luxury brands have been distinguishing themselves by opening their own cafes close to their shops. Such an initiative has been conducted by many brands. The pioneer was Giorgio Armani. Among the most well-known we can mention the Dior des Lices in Saint Tropez, the Ralph Lauren restaurant called Ralph's in Paris, the 1921 Gucci Café in Shanghai and, finally, the Café Burberry in London.

    The ultimate goal is to please the customers and give them a reason to come to the shops, especially nowadays that more and more of them are using the Internet.

    But how does one combine luxury shopping with gastronomy ?

    Restaurants reuse iconic brands' codes so that customers are immersed in the brand's universe. They put in the spotlight the cuisine of the country from which they originate as well as history and heritage of exceptional places. These restaurants represent the brand's style with a high quality service.

    What is more, the goal is to make customers get a complete and unique shopping experience, thanks to which they can live their dreams. These people need a place with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, in which they can relax and have lunch or dinner after a long day of shopping. Each of the cafes has its own little something. In particular, at Ralph's you can enjoy Marynland crabs and lobsters from Maine, while Gucci includes classics of Italian cuisine. At Burberry one can discover British specialities, whereas Dior des Lices offers typically French cuisine.

    You will soon understand why I am a fan of this initiative! What can, better than gastronomy, bring people, reconnect them and restore their taste for shopping? We look forward to discovering future surprises that our favourite brands could offer.

    And you, which brand would you like to see opening its own restaurant?

    See you soon in your new adventure.


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